5 tendances clés en matière de design web en 2020

As with mobile phones or vehicles, web design trends also change over the years, following fashions and technological development, adapting to user needs, better usability, shopping experience and visual appeal.

If you don’t want your blog or website to be a total disaster and you wish to be seen with favorable eyes by your potential customers, we will tell you what are the most prominent trends in web design in 2020. Minimalism, magnetism and visual personality will be your companions on the way.


  • What is important this year in web design?


  • The minimalism continues to shine: The motto of ‘less is more’ has not stopped working in 2020. The minimalism facilitates the reading experience, transmits a clear and clean brand image and guarantees a comfortable and intuitive freedom of movement through the interface. Many websites have chosen to add animations and fading effects, while the OnePage design stands out, when information and content are displayed on a single page, gaining accessibility and comfort.
  • Handwritten… and a touch of psychedelia: The so-called handmade or handmade typefaces, parallel to the rise of lettering as a trend in graphic design, are typographic fonts that have gained increasing prominence to provide a unique, handmade and customized touch to logos and other elements. In the field of design, the glitch touch, the retro elements and the bright colors of decades like the eighties are still seals of aesthetic differentiation.
  • Natural and organic forms: Although websites often focus on systematic grids, natural forms, soft lines and organic geometry have gained prominence in web design this 2020. Imperfection and asymmetry highlight elements of the web, granting depth, liveliness and movement and capturing spontaneity. It is essential to have a graphic professional that captures the essence of the brand.
  • Microinteractions: Microinteractions are events that want to surprise and engage the user each time he performs a small action on a website or application. They are specific responses in the form of sounds, bells, animations, notifications or even GIFs. Involve the audience and give intelligence to your website. Needless to say, when it comes to the video format, we are talking about an overwhelming dominance.
    • Chatbots integration: The chatbots are on the crest of the wave at this point in 2020, gaining intelligence and efficiency thanks to the progress of machine learning, the growing importance of instant messaging and its adoption by leading brand companies. We have a wide range of options when it comes to integrating conversational assistants into web pages: pet-shaped chatbots, fun bright colors, endowed with a sense of humor and in general, each time with higher levels of personalization, to make the user feel at home.