7 things in which you will save time with a chatbot in your company

“No chatbot, no future”, Within a few years, most companies that do not have one of these invaluable virtual partners will become obsolete, their customer service will be slow and insufficient and will not be able to connect digitally with their audience. They are scalable, immediate and getting smarter.

Are you aware of how much time (and money) you can save with a chatbot in your company? We explain up to seven functions in which the conversational assistants will give you a hand.

7 things in which you will save time thanks to a chatbot

It doesn’t matter if you are a young startup, an SME, a multinational or a family business that wants to digitalize. In all cases, acquiring a chatbot allows you to increase your sales, build customer loyalty, stand out from your competitors and automate multiple functions, earning time, talent and money. Let’s see what a chatbot can do for you:

  • Gamification: Chatbots also allow users to perform actions such as playing, accessing contests or winning prizes, assuming an extra attraction that companies can automate so that their success grows, to sell more and to reach a wider audience without investing more time or money.
  • Reporting: Chatbots can provide all kinds of relevant data 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Instead of having a fleet of staff with hours you can provide the best customer service from a messaging app that never closes. 
  • Integration with instant messaging: Apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp already dominate the world and grow at a much faster pace than social networks. In China WeChat is the most used app, hosting thousands of chatbots of brands and companies. Users will feel more comfortable and better served by being able to contact you through their favorite application.
  • Resolution of immediate doubts: The chatbots make easy that the client does not have to wait, they provide quality feedback at the moment and they can also talk to thousands of people simultaneously. Their permanent availability raise the level of satisfaction of your target and will take away lot of headaches.
  • Conversion through the clouds: 15% of consumers in 195 countries used a chatbot in 2018, a tool that improves conversion – whatever the desired call to action is: subscription, lead, online purchase, etc. – providing an easily understandable and immediate customer experience. In addition, in Jim Collective we combine the effectiveness of chatbots designed for Facebook Messenger with personalized advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads. 
  • Sales that rise like foam: A quarter of customer service operations in 2020 will use a virtual assistant, according to estimates by Gartner. Next year a third of B2B companies will also use AI to increase their sales. If you want to increase the volume of sales along with the quality of service, an intelligent chatbot is the key.
  • Improving your brand reputation: For your value proposition, digital marketing strategy and brand differentiation, conversational bots represent a before and after. They increase the online presence, attract new subscribers, retain customers and add a plus to the communication experience.

5 advantages of professionalizing marketing processes

Philip Kotler said that “the keys to successful marketing are focus, positioning and differentiation.” To get these ingredients so juicy today we will talk about a key axis in your corporate strategy, and we will tell you why professionalizing marketing processes is the best favor you can do for your business.
What do we talk about when we talk about professionalization applied to this field? It is a systematic approach that allows developing marketing objectives, strategies and implementation tactics applicable to all kinds of teams and projects.
What will you gain by professionalizing your company’s marketing processes? We explain it in greater details below, but in four simple words: time, organization, money and efficiency.
Optimizing in an integral way all the parts of the strategy – from the final reports to the plan in social networks or to the brief – allows the design of scalable and replicable digital campaigns, maximizing the creativity and talent of the team and obtaining better results, without wasting time, wasting effort or throwing money overboard.
Let’s see some of the advantages of professionalizing marketing in your company.
What do I gain with the professionalization of marketing in my project?
Absolute integration: The professionalization approach, being integral and scalable, will soak every aspect of your company’s marketing plan. Thanks to him we can design more detailed, creative, surprising and adapted digital campaigns to your target, from social networks to the design of a specialized chatbot. We will avoid the lack of coordination or contradictions.
Better investment and economic return: The cost savings in the short, medium and long term are big. Working around specific objectives completely helps you improve the conversion of all CTAs in your campaign. In addition, time is money: you will also breathe easier with deadlines and you will not err with useless actions.
Proactive instead of reactive campaigns: By having tailor-made forms connected with collaborative software such as Trello we can have comprehensive and documented information on each project. This allows campaigns to be proactive and user-centric, anticipating their desire, expectations or problems.
Greater creative potential: We know that the customer is the hero of your story. To design the perfect campaign according to the needs of your target audience, professionalization implies a competitive advantage. You get shine for your company’s product or service but also from the creative ideas and potential of your team. Tell us, and we will make them flesh and blood. Or Artificial Intelligence, clicks and online sales!