Just like in the past, when the world changed forever with the arrival of the printing press or the railway, things have never been the same for the users or for companies since the arrival of the Internet.

Selling handicraft products online anywhere in the world, having decentralized teams thanks to collaborative software or working as a freelance for projects on the other side of the planet is possible as a result of the technological advances of the digital transformation era. One of the things that has changed the most is customer service, improved and optimized thanks to the progress of technology. 

According to Oracle, 68% of users would acquire more products from brands that prioritize customer service. Microblogging, the incorporation of chatbots as available elements 24/7, virtual and augmented reality, real-time tracking of shipments with geolocation or email marketing are some key tools that have revolutionized customer service in this century.

Let’s look at five examples of brands that have achieved it thanks to a chatbot and other technologies.